About us

DMC Mowers Australia

DMC Mowers Australia is an online division of Daves Mower Centre (Est. 1998), both being registered Australian Businesses collaborated and registered under ABN: 98 219 364 152 since 2011

It is the aim of DMC Mowers Australia to not only provide Quality products at realistic prices; but provide you with a streamlined shopping experience that does not end simply when you have parted with your well earned dollars. Our friendly staff are on hand during business hrs to offer you after-sales support via our N.S.W service centre, and approved warranty dealers.

The DMC Machinery range is designed to out-last the throw away cheaper models flooding leading hardware & dept stores. We have specifically designed our range to be easily serviced & maintained, hence not contributing to our growing disposable society creating unnecessary land-fill. All replacement parts & consumables to suit the DMC Range are readily available through us at unbeatable wholesale prices.


Our Greener Planet Commitment:

DMC gives you a cleaner greener machinery option in petrol powered equipment. Our range is predominantly 4-stroke, proven to be the cleaner & more efficient option against 2-stroke versions. 4-stroke engines are far more fuel & oil efficient, consuming far less, & producing less emissions.

All of the DMC Mower range are equipped with removable Mulch plugs, giving you the added advantage of being able to provide free fertilizer directly to your lawn as you mow. Less green waste means less emissions in the breakdown of decomposing matter in our dumps, less expense maintaining your lawn, & eliminating the need for chemical based products in our environment.

When we create compost and mulch from green waste we are storing carbon in the ground and avoiding additional methane and carbon dioxide.

Wherever possible, we have chosen packaging that is recyclable &/or re-usable. Our commitment to reducing our impact on landfill has been conducted through many areas within the running procedures of DMC Mowers Australia.


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